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Peck Solar is constructing our energy future

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    Commercial Solar
    Commercial Industrial and Utility Scale Solar

    Peck Solar, a division of Peck Electric is a full-service solar installer and constructed over 100MW of PV solar systems. We can cover all aspects of your solar photovoltaic installation, including:

    • • Initial site analysis
    • • Solar payback estimates
    • • Solar site planning and design
    • • Project management and general contracting
    • • Installation (structural and electrical)
    • • Post-installation monitoring and maintenance

    Whether you are planning a ground-mounted, roof-top, carport or other solar electrical system, we can evaluate your solar potential with a professional site survey and performance modeling software. We then provide you with cost-comparative options. Peck Solar has the technical expertise, local connections, equipment, and manpower to get the job done on time and on budget. Our solar electricians are the best in the business and have been installing commercial solar systems since 2007. While we can construct PV solar systems of any size, we are able to add the most value for project sizes ranging from 100kW to 10MW.

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    Residential Solar
    Residential Solar

    Peck Solar will design and install the best Photovoltaic (PV) system for your property and financial needs. We create custom solar designs for every customer. Our longstanding relationships with local electrical distributors allow us to offer our customers affordable solar solutions. We are experts at navigating the complex and changing landscape of solar permitting; and we maintain good working relationships with utility companies. The strong electrical background of our integrated sales, design, and installation teams ensure that we install affordable, safe, and efficient solar power systems.

    We now offer VSECU Financing for Peck Solar customers in Vermont. VSECU is committed to helping members make smart investments in their homes and communities. We’ve also teamed up to offer VGreen financing to maximize your solar investment savings.

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    Solar Incentives
    Solar Incentives

    Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

    The federal government currently offers a 30% tax credit on the total cost of your solar array, including parts and labor. This incentive lasts through the end of 2019. The incentive is reduced in 2020 and 2021, then expires in 2022. Accelerated Depreciation- Businesses, even home-based businesses, may be eligible for accelerated depreciation on solar installations.


    Contact us today to inquire about current solar incentives in your State.

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    Post-Install Support
    Post-Install Support
    Rapid Response Operations and Maintenance

    Peck Solar offers full-performance benchmarking services, including I-V curve traces and infrared thermal imaging. Combined with an affordable annual inspection, pro-active site maintenance, and remote monitoring services, you can be sure your solar array is operating at its full potential. In the event of power loss, our team of dedicated solar professionals will respond by the next business day, and handle any associated warranty claims and follow-up documentation.

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Peck Solar is Vermont’s most experienced solar installer.

Peck Solar, a division of Peck Electric, is the largest commercial solar EPC in the Northeast and one of the largest in the US. Our electricians have installed over 100 megawatts of solar power in Vermont, which is almost 1/3 of the entire installed base of solar systems in Vermont. We are now serving the entire Northeast. Whether you are just starting to consider solar power, you already have an approved solar project ready to install, or your aging PV array needs a check-up, we are here to help!

Peck Solar was the EPC for this Cypress Creek Renewables 7 Megawatt ground mount in St. Albans VT.

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